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Supporting Austin small businesses during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

We are here to help support Austin small businesses during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

What are small businesses to do during this unprecedented COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic?

Austin especially has been hit hard already. The SXSW cancellation has had effects that are reverberating through the entire region. Local bands, restaurants and bars whose survival relies on the income generated during the SXSW festival are obvious victims of the current circumstances, but the effects are continuing to ripple far beyond the hospitality and entertainment industry associated with SXSW. Lighting companies, breweries, Porta pottys, event planners, cleaning crews – the list goes on.

For any businesses that rely on foot traffic, face to face contact and word of mouth business, marketing will be challenging even after the social distancing restrictions have been lifted. Everybody will be getting creative in the coming months to help small businesses in Austin to survive, and it will take all of us to support each other to come out the other end in one piece.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Austin

To that end, we have a unique offering that we are providing to Austin based businesses to help. Many small businesses will be looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their digital marketing, and in order to compete with the increased online digital push that is sure to come an excellent website is a must. However, even though it is critical to their continued success it’s just not realistic for small Austin businesses who are anxious about meeting their direct overhead to invest in improving their website right now.

We have launched a new offering with the express purpose of helping small businesses afford the WordPress websites they need, without the out of pocket expense. We are offering brand new turn-key, customized, mobile, speed-optimized WordPress websites for a low all-inclusive monthly payment starting at just $35 / mo. Essentially, you get a brand new complete website with secure hosting and maintenance for what is already being paid for hosting alone. These customized WordPress websites we are building for Austin small businesses would normally cost thousands of dollars for us to design and install for our clients, not including SEO setup, SSL, analytics, hosting or ongoing maintenance.

How are we able to offer this? With our many years of WordPress experience and past work we are able to utilize some of the foundation templates we’ve built over the years to make this happen. These are tried-and-true professionally designed WordPress sites, not cheap all purpose themes that a Romanian developer put together. We take these foundation templates and customize them to meet the needs of your company, install it on our company server that we have set up with WP engine, and do full maintenance on your behalf. You manage your content, we take care of the rest.

We are shouldering the up front cost, and relying on our customers to stay with us over the years to see a return on our investment in their businesses. We use our servers and skills to invest in Austin small businesses, and once we have enough sites in place to cover our costs we eventually see a modest return down the road.

With these WordPress sites we would normally charge a one-time setup fee averaging around $200-$600 to cover a portion of our costs and up front labor. During this challenging time, we are supporting Austin area small businesses during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic who want to take advantage of this by waiving the setup charge in full.

This enables you to get your new and improved website up and running with $0 out of pocket expenses. Just pay the monthly hosting fee and you’re covered. We take care of everything so you are relieved of the burden of managing your website, or worrying about outages or downtime, and are free to concentrate on more important things.

Text me at 512-412-2967 with questions or shoot me an email – – to learn more or let us know other ways we can help support your business through the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Stay safe and healthy out there!