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Meet The Developers

HS Creative consists of a small, highly experienced team focused on providing you and your business the personal attention you deserve.

We keep it tight and do everything big expensive firms do, only better. Plus, we’re LOCAL! If you need WordPress updates, installation, theme customization, content management or a full website redesign, we’re here to help.

The HS Creative team has been building WordPress websites for over 15 years, serving clients large and small across the country. We have succeeded as an independent design firm because we are committed to giving our clients the personal attention and cutting edge design their business deserves.

We are upfront about what you can do in-house and help you make a plan that fits your current budget. We believe in supporting local companies and arming business owners with the knowledge they need to succeed in a competitive digital landscape.

Call us to schedule your free consultation today!

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Rachel has two decades of experience as creative director, most recently designing interactive visitor experiences for high profile museums across the U.S. She founded HS Creative in Seattle, Washington in 1999, moving to Texas in 2012 with her Austin-native husband and their two young daughters.

Known for her ability to come up with the perfect design for clients who “know it when they see it,” Rachel uses her digital marketing experience and artistic intuition to quickly understand each client’s vision and business goals. Rachel is also a fine artist and photographer with artwork in galleries nationwide –

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Web Developer

Kit and Rachel have worked together as partners and friends for over 15 years. With his vast knowledge of specialized code and talent for WordPress website customization, Kit’s back-end skills perfectly complement Rachel’s user interface design experience.

Rachel and Kit handle all design and implementation personally, directing additional team members as needed for larger projects.

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