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What Exactly is a Responsive WordPress Website, Anyway?

You’ve probably heard the term “responsive” thrown around when talking about website requirements and design, or maybe when you’ve been considering your Austin WordPress website’s SEO score. But what does responsive mean, exactly? And how important is it to have a responsive website?

Responsive means any size, anywhere!

In a nutshell, a responsive website means that your site layout responds to the size of the screen that your website is being viewed on, and is specifically designed to shrink and expand so that no matter what the size of the screen the information and content is presented to the user in a visually and physically accessible manner.

One of the most common problems experienced with websites is that the infrastructure is outdated, and the website does not respond correctly when viewed on a device other than a desktop computer. Over the past few years all the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others have increased their mobile browser compatibility requirements when calculating a website’s search engine ranking. In fact, the weight of these SEO calculations has increased with time to the point where not having a mobile compliant website can be a “red flag” to the search engines and have a significant negative impact to your WordPress website’s SEO score.

responsive website

Responsive design is all about a positive user experience

What responsive means in practical terms for us when building a site on the developer side is that all of the content within the page must be designed and coded to resize and stack in order to fit on a small screen like a phone, and also widen to accommodate larger screens like a HDTV monitor.

Designing a mobile compliant responsive website that looks good no matter what the display size is a challenge all its own, and one that not all WordPress developers can do. We see a lot of sites that look really boring in order to meet the requirements, which is unfortunate because building a responsive mobile friendly word press website does not mean you need to sacrifice design or the quality of the user experience! We are big believers in designing websites that reflect the personality of the company’s brand and accomplishes specific marketing goals, while remaining fast and completely mobile compliant.

For a free consultation to take a look at your current site and give you an accurate flat fee quote on what it would take to bring it up to speed in terms of modern browser compliance and responsive layout, give us a shout! Bringing your Austin WordPress website up to speed is easier and faster than you think and it does not mean scrapping your site!

I’m right here in Austin, Texas and work with clients all around the world! Text me at 512-412-2967 to discuss your WordPress website or SEO needs today.