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Does my WordPress site need to be Mobile Friendly?

By March 1, 2019February 18th, 2020Austin, Texas, Web Design, WordPress

Should your WordPress website be mobile friendly? Absolutely! Most of the users coming to your site are on a mobile device, and if your WordPress site isn’t mobile friendly you could be losing business simply because the site doesn’t work properly. We have all experienced it, you visit a site on your phone and you have to scroll then tap and zoom just to be able to read the text. Or much worse, you sit there for a minute trying to figure out why the link you’re clicking does not work.

Every WordPress website we produce is optimized for mobile devices.  While using a separate mobile friendly version on your WordPress site is an option, we generally advise against this. Multiple versions can lead to content inconsistencies, along with duplicate WordPress content that can hurt your search engine optimization (SEO).  In our experience it’s far better to build your WordPress site mobile friendly from the start, saving you a lot of time and headaches in the long run!

If you’re not sure if your WordPress website is mobile-friendly, Google developed a great tool to check your site called the Mobile Friendly Test.

, Does my WordPress site need to be Mobile Friendly?